The English Collection

Full text on-line collection of public domain documents from Canadian and American literatures, related to Québec, French Canada and Frenchs in the New World.

Our titles in PDF format :

Beaugrand, Honoré :

Fantastic tales.

Carman, Bliss :

The Vengeance of Noel Brassard.

Catherwood, Mary Hartwell :

The Romance of Dollard.

The Chase of Saint-Castin and other stories.

Old Kaskiakia.

Drummond, William Henry :

The Habitant and other French-Canadian poems.

Fréchette, Annie :

On Grandfather's farm, and other texts.

Hémon, Louis :

Maria Chapdelaine : a tale of the Lake St. John Country.

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth :

Evangeline. A tale of Acadie.

Scott, Duncan Campbell :

In the Village of Viger.

Two stories.




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